Hi, I'm Isaac Krementsov

I'm an aspiring computer scientist and web developer with a versatile skill set. At the beginning of my programming experience, I recognized that I was never done learning. Since then, I have become most familiar with using NodeJS, MongoDB, Java, Python, SQL, HTML5, and more while continuously adding to that list. Whether you simply want to make your business known or need a real-time application, I'm here to help.

Professional Skills

I focus on mobile, desktop and web app development. My skills are constantly evolving to fit the needs of modern software.




      Web Design

      HTML, CSS, and JS websites

      If you want a simple front-end website, I can spin your dreams into HTML. Perfect for anyone who wants to statically display their product without complex server interactions.

      HTML CSS JavaScript

      Backend Development

      Behind-the-scenes magic

      Session data and database storage can be used with server-side technologies. Whether you want an online store or a real-time chat, anything is possible with backend development.

      Javalin GoLang NodeJS Flask SQL MongoDB

      Full Stack Applications

      The whole package

      Offering synchronization between the two systems, full-stack development gives you a complete website.

      React Embedded JavaScript FreeMarker Jinja2



      Lines of Code


      Major Projects